NH2016 Scrub

New Horizons Planning Committees: It’s time to begin the scrub!

The New Horizons Planning Committee has a kick-off meeting each summer to begin the planning process for the next conference. New Horizons 2017 is going to be great! We are working to secure planning meeting dates and facilities now.

Before our summer meeting, and while it is fresh-on-your-mind, we need to capture overarching feedback from you on New Horizons 2016. From your inputs, we will identify feedback trends and focus discussions. This is a five-minute free write.

Please type your open-ended responses in the following two categories:

NH 2016 Conference Strengths

What are you hearing from your colleagues? What did people like?

NH 2016 Conference "Opportunities for Improvement"

What and where can we do better?

When you are satisfied with your answers, please hit the "Submit" button below.